Thursday, July 3, 2008

Check Out Jeff's Salsa Recipe

Those peppers and tomatoes are almost ready.  My cilantro is over-ready.  Here's Jeff's famous recipe: 

Jeff’s Favorite Salsa4-6 10oz cans diced or stewed tomatoes
 (stewed have slightly different taste, so experiment with it)
one yellow or white onion chopped (some even prefer red onion)
4 jalapeños diced (or more if you want it hotter)
1 teaspoon minced garlic (from a jar) or equivalent garlic paste
cilantro to taste (usually use about ½ to ¾ cup chopped)
salt and pepper to taste
lime juice to tasteThat's everything. I usually add one (or so) cans of tomatoes, all of the onion, jalapeños, cilantro, garlic, and salt and pepper, then blend until smooth. Transfer to a mixing bowl. Then just pulse the rest of the tomatoes to the desired chunkiness for texture. Mix well in the bowl and add lime juice to taste. You may prefer to add salt and pepper at this stage for more control, and taste testing.

One note: you may need to add more cans of pulsed tomatoes when done, depending on how strong the jalapeños are that were used. These vary quite a bit from different sources, and it is difficult to know initially exactly how hot it will turn out. So I control the heat with more or less tomatoes as I am making it.



Jeff Bruning 


Here's a link to preserving tomatoes:

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