Monday, October 13, 2008

Garden Photos

Do you like the blog photo header? --Photos from our garden which is frozen now since this past chilly weekend.

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  1. That's a pretty pic - much prettier than the dark soggy leaves on my tomato plants.

    Good Morning Karen!

    Thanks for posting your sourdough waffle recipe - I'll have to check my start and give it a try.

    I have a question for you - I bottled pumpkin last night and was too tired to stay up and wait for the pressure cooker to pressure down so I could take off the lid and remove the bottles - so I just left it and did it this morning. The bottles were still warm - is the pumpkin going to be ok? or did it stay the wrong warmish temperature for too long?

    I know - I should have stayed awake - but it was soo cold and my bed was soo warm and I was sooooo tired!

    If you're not sure about the right answer, I'll give the extension office a call and pass the info on to you so you can know for future reference that I'm just a lazy bones!

    Have a great day,