Wednesday, October 22, 2008

jNae's Pumpkin Question

jNae had a question about pressure canning pumkin (see below).  I gave her a totally lame answer and she was smart enough to email the USU Extension service.  YES, jNae!

Here's the question:

I have a question for you - I bottled pumpkin last night and was too tired to stay up and wait for the pressure cooker to pressure down so I could take off the lid and remove the bottles - so I just left it and did it this morning. The bottles were still warm - is the pumpkin going to be ok? or did it stay the wrong warmish temperature for too long?


I know - I should have stayed awake - but it was soo cold and my bed was soo warm and I was sooooo tired!


If you're not sure about the right answer, I'll give the extension office a call and pass the info on to you so you can know for future reference that I'm just a lazy bones!

Here's the answer:

SO - I emailed my lazy pumpkin dilemma to the extension office - so for your files - here's their answer: Assuming it was cubed pumpkin (see it may have a risk for a spoilage called flat sour. There is a sporeformer bacteria that does not cause illness, but can spoil foods left at very warm temps. It would have grown and caused acid already. If the pumpkin smells and tatses fine, it will be okay. We do not recommend that practice.



  1. Your answer wasn't lame! I've opened one of the jars and it smells fine. I made a pumpkin pie! The pie WOULD have been delicious if I had remembered to put the SUGAR in it ;-P

    There isn't enough Cool Whip in Lindon to remedy a pie like that.

  2. I've done that. Forgotten the sugar that is. It is a bummer because you go to all that work and then YUCK!